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Administrator Role

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Mendlesham Suffolk

Shift Pattern:

It is 12 hours a day, on a 4 on 4 off basis. Starting at 02:00hrs and finishing at 14:00hrs.

The Job requires:

To ensure all deliveries of bread are received and delivered day in, day out and to the correct stores, also to aid in the unloading of the bread when it arrives at the depot for cross docking.

To have all 9 routes covered daily by the drivers that are on shift for that particular night/day and ensure they turn up.

To ensure agency drivers are booked and turn up when required.

To have a basic knowledge of the drivers hours and rest periods so that they stay within the driving laws.

To make and take phone calls from drivers/customers daily when required and also to liaise with the RDC on any issues you or they may have and ensure the correct paperwork is sent and received from them.

To keep up the maintenance on a fleet of 10 vehicles used for the deliveries, i.e. breakdowns, services and MOT’s and any defects that need carrying out on a day to day basis and to ensure all the paperwork is correct and up to date.

Create Excel spreadsheets and enter basic data on to them on a day to day basis.
This would include:
Basket and wheel figures delivered and received.
Driver's hours and WTD hours. (Also agency drivers)
Fuel and MPG figures.
The drivers ratings for that day on their driving skills, which can be run of the Microlise system and then recorded on an excel spreadsheets.
Company KPI’s on a daily basis.


£8.50 per hour

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